Detroit: Seriously!

When my son and daughter-in-law announce they are moving to Oak Park, a suburb just outside of Detroit, I am stunned.  My daughter-in-law’s job necessitates the move, but their initial plan is to live in Ann Arbor. Who moves to Detroit? While it’s the city of my birth, I haven’t been compelled to visit in […]

Kobo: Out of Control

True confessions.  I like being in control. I am not an adventurer, am rarely spontaneous, and what comforts me most is having a plan. This character trait flies out the window when it comes to dining. I am perfectly willing to throw caution to the wind, to put my well-being in the hands of another […]

New Kitchens on the Block 2.0: A Jump Start on What’s Next in DC Dining

Anyone who tries to keep up with the dizzying pace of DC restaurant openings can’t help but feel overwhelmed. Thankfully Nevin Martell and Al Goldberg, co-creators of New Kitchens on the Block (NKOTB), have developed a sure-fire way to give food-obsessives like myself a jump start on what’s ahead in DC dining. NKOTB 2.0 (the […]

New York: Cosme, Atoboy, and Pondicheri- a Culinary Trifecta

I consider planning an itinerary for a food-focused weekend in New York to be a formidable task. I don’t get to New York nearly enough, and every meal counts. Do I approach anything else in my life with such intensity?  Probably not. Let’s face it…the dining options in this city are endless, but so are the […]

La Puerta Verde: A Symbol for Hope in Ivy City

La Puerta Verde in Ivy City is a Mexican restaurant as intriguing for its varied stories, as it is for its food and drink. There is the owner- Ari Gejdenson- a former international soccer player turned successful DC restaurateur.  There is the Mexican-born chef, Carlos Camacho, who after 20 years as a DC chef is […]

Alta Strada Mosaic: Perfect Pairings

Michael Schlow is a savvy chef/restaurateur with a growing empire. He now has six restaurants in the DC area (Tico, The Riggsby, Conosci, Casolare, and Alta Strada), as well as five restaurants in New England, and one in Los Angeles. Schlow has me jumping for joy when I learn that he has reunited two top talents […]

The Smith: New York Goes to Washington

After a long weekend of New York dining, I should be ready for a night at home with a full plate of lettuce. Instead I hop on the Metro to Gallery Place, where I check out The Smith with a group of girlfriends.  When it comes to DC dining, if you sit on the sidelines […]

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