Blackwall Hitch: A Staycation in Alexandria

I wish I could spend the summer somewhere that overlooks the water, with a cool breeze blowing and a cocktail in my hand. It’s a nice fantasy, but I have a full-time job that doesn’t offer this as a possibility. One evening at the new Blackwall Hitch in Old Town Alexandria isn’t a substitute, but […]

NYC: Dirt Candy is a Garden of Eden

It used to be cause for celebration when a chef did something creative with vegetables. It’s not such a rarity anymore. But it is unusual for a completely vegetarian restaurant to be on par with other top notch dining destinations. Chef/owner Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy is a chef to be respected, and hopefully emulated. She […]

Chicago: Parachute and Ruxbin Elevate the Windy City

Chicago is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to restaurants. I recently discover two more reasons why I love to dine here.  Parachute provides an uplifting ride, and Ruxbin is as playful as the name suggests. The cab ride from my hotel on Michigan Avenue to Parachute in Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood is not a quick one.  The […]

Il Pizzico: 25 Years and Counting

You have to respect a twenty-five year anniversary.  It is safe to assume there have been considerable transitions in that span of time, some easier to handle than others. And as the excitement of discovery diminishes, there is also a tendency to take things for granted. I could be writing about marriage, but this is a […]

NYC: Bâtard is the Real Deal

For as long as I can remember, obsessing over where to dine has been my thing. I’m known for it. It’s what led me to write this blog.  Imagine then, how much time I spend deliberating over where to celebrate my birthday.  A big birthday.  In Manhattan. I consider making a case to my husband that this […]

Fenwick Island, DE: One Coastal is a Winning Spot

It’s a Sunday night in early June and I’m on a mission to win. I’m at Bethany Beach with four girlfriends, engaged in an intense mah jongg marathon. It’s pretty much non-stop.  Fortunately, we take a time out for dinner at One Coastal, a cozy eatery in Fenwick Island, Delaware. One Coastal, aptly named for its location […]

The Room at McGinty’s: Stepping it Up

I am not a fan of pubs or pub food, which explains why McGinty’s Public House in Silver Spring has never been on my radar.  I initially overlook an invitation to try out The Room at McGinty’s. But there is a link to a new menu and concept, and I’m intrigued. The Irish pub has dedicated some […]

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