Sushiko: A Movie & Japanese Food on Christmas

Sushiko Chevy Chase roll.JPG

Christmas for Jews= a movie and Chinese food.  Everybody knows this. So when I join a group of Jewish neighbors to see “Unbroken,” we are surprised to see our Chinese friends in the theater.  “Wait,” my husband says.  “I have to ask. What are you having for dinner…Jewish food?” We have actually decided to deviate […]

Dolci Gelati: Sweet!

dolci gelati panini

I love the image that the phrase “like a kid in a candy store” conjures up. It brings to mind an exploration that is filled with glee. What could be better? This describes my state of being when I have an opportunity to preview Dolci Gelati, now open in City Market at O in the Shaw neighborhood of […]

Pinea: Transitions at the W Hotel

Pinea eggplant

It’s a quiet Sunday night in the dining room at Pinea.  The newish restaurant is in DC’s W Hotel, in a space once occupied by J&G Steakhouse.  The chef, Barry Koslow, comes most recently from DGS Deli, a restaurant featuring old-style Jewish dishes with modern twists.  Pinea offers “contemporary regional Southern European and Mediterranean cuisine,” which […]

Taste Gastropub: Tasty in Olney

taste tasting menu

It’s a rainy dreary Saturday afternoon and I’m suffering from a cold.  I am tempted to pull up the covers and spend the day with the remote control.  But I have an invitation to a private tasting at Taste Gastropub in Olney.  Let’s face it, I can count on one hand the number of restaurant […]

DBGB Kitchen and Bar: An Appealing New Destination

DBGB Fluke

If you want to create excitement in the DC food community, have a distinguished chef with national name recognition announce they are opening a restaurant here.  This is guaranteed to garner hype on all forms of social media, and is indeed what happened when Chef Daniel Boulud announced his opening of DBGB Kitchen and Bar in the […]

Compass Rose: Navigating the World of Street Food

Compass Rose Bhel Puri Chaat

Dining decisions are not always simple.   Small plates or comfort food? An energetic, buzzy vibe or a place where you can really hear your dining companions? And which part of the world do you want to be the inspiration for your dishes? It’s helpful to have some direction, which is where Compass Rose comes […]

National Geographic Premieres: “Eat: The Story of Food”

National Geographic 1

My Twitter handle is @foodobsessed6.  My obsession primarily relates to dining, but I also have a growing interest in food on a much broader level, including the evolution and future of food. Many of my questions, and yours, are about to be answered in a new six-hour miniseries called EAT: The Story of Food.  Produced by […]

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