Hazel: Lamenting Lost Leftovers

It was a wail that could be heard around the office.  Fortunately it was late and there weren’t many people around. I forgot to put my leftovers from Hazel in the refrigerator, and the bag had been under my desk for hours.  I considered the contents:  duck sausage and crispy chickpea tofu with Szechuan lamb sauce.  The […]

Richmond: L’Opossum is Playful & Seriously Terrific

My dinner at L’Opossum in Richmond is the result of a Facebook post.  A DC food writer crowdsources restaurant recommendations for Richmond, Virginia. Several respondents suggest L’Opossum.  A few days later she posts a photo of of the menu and a one word description of her L’Opossum experience… “loved.” I am envious and more than a little […]

Mess Hall Produces a Pop-Up Sensation with NKOTB

This past weekend hundreds of DC’s food-obsessed got a chance to preview eight upcoming restaurants all in one fell swoop.  Like teenagers at a rock concert, food fans could barely contain their enthusiasm for NKOTB, which is short for “New Kitchens on the Block” and not a boy band.  The pop-up event was produced by […]

Kyirisan: Been There, Eaten That. Want More.

There are restaurants where I dine once, enjoy the meal, and then happily check the box.  I’ve been there, eaten that.  Others capture my attention and leap to mind when I respond to the frequently asked question:  “What restaurants do you like these days?” My newest response is Kyirisan in DC’s growing food mecca, Shaw. […]

Miami: A Kosher Moda-Moon Over Miami

My daughter’s wedding was in mid-June.  It’s a wondrous weekend, which still has us kvelling.  Following a mini-moon he has to go back to work; she is about to start a new job and has time off post-wedding. So in a somewhat unorthodox move, my modern-Orthodox daughter and I indulge in a brief getaway to […]

Timber Pizza Co: Fired Up in Petworth

It’s 8:00 pm on a Tuesday night. In Petworth, a steady stream of customers flow into Timber Pizza Co. to grab a “Neapolitan ish” wood-fired pie, freshly made salad, and an icy cocktail or a brew. The woman at the register greets guests with a friendly “Is this your first time here?” The restaurant is a mere two […]

Masseria: An Italian Oasis in DC

Masseria captivates me the moment I step through the gate and into the courtyard. This beautifully appointed spot created by chef/owner Nick Stefanelli is designed to transport visitors to the coast of Italy, which is an admirable feat considering its location on a quiet street of warehouses behind Union Market in DC. And while rustic brick and […]

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