Fenwick Island, DE: One Coastal is a Winning Spot

One coastal interior

It’s a Sunday night in early June and I’m on a mission to win. I’m at Bethany Beach with four girlfriends, engaged in an intense mah jongg marathon. It’s pretty much non-stop.  Fortunately, we take a time out for dinner at One Coastal, a cozy eatery in Fenwick Island, Delaware. One Coastal, aptly named for its location […]

The Room at McGinty’s: Stepping it Up

The Room at McGintys lobster ravioli

I am not a fan of pubs or pub food, which explains why McGinty’s Public House in Silver Spring has never been on my radar.  I initially overlook an invitation to try out The Room at McGinty’s. But there is a link to a new menu and concept, and I’m intrigued. The Irish pub has dedicated some […]

Provision No.14 : Merriment on 14th Street

Provision 14 kale

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”  J.R.R. Tolkien Some friends recently gifted me with a list of quotes about food, which make perfect fodder for some of my upcoming posts. I select the Tolkien quote as an appropriate one for my recent dinner at Provision […]

Mi La Cay: More Please

curry chicken with vermicelli noodles soup

I don’t ever remember leaving a restaurant and thinking I didn’t pay enough for the meal.  But that’s exactly what happens after a recent dinner at Mi La Cay in Wheaton.  I’m here with bloggers Laura Kumin of Mother Would Know and Jennifer Farley of Savory Simple.  It’s one of those nights where I can […]

A Tribute to My Sister

Lori and Shari

Today is my sister’s birthday. She would have been 52 years old.  Instead of celebrating, we are mourning, as she lost her battle with breast cancer just last week. In my remarks during her funeral, I spoke about our mutual love for food: Shari shared some of my passion for food- but her obsessions were […]

CRAVE American Kitchen & Sushi Bar: Satisfying Cravings at Montgomery Mall

CRAVE interior

There was a time when I was known as a shopaholic. I still have trinkets adorned with cute little purses and shopping mottoes as evidence of my former passion. My addiction to restaurant dining surpassed shopping years ago, which seems to me like a much more palatable pastime. I recently attended a media dinner at the new […]

Bon Vivant Cafe and Farm Market: A Discovery in Del Ray

Bon Vivant meatball

When I receive an invitation for dinner at the Bon Vivant Cafe and Farm Market, located in the heart of Del Ray near Old Town Alexandria, I take it as my opportunity to finally see what’s happening across the river.  This is a neighborhood I’ve never taken time to explore, even though I grew up in […]

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