Fiola Mare: Mare Me

Fiola Mare Lobster Ravioli

It’s not like I ever need an excuse to dine out.  But I do have a list of restaurants held in reserve for special occasions.  My wedding anniversary deserves a top tier restaurant, particularly since we are now at 31 years.  Last year’s 30th meant dinner at two phenomenal restaurants- Inn at Little Washington and […]

Nantucket’s Reef: Here’s the Skinny

nantucket's reef

I suffer from an ailment that plagues me nearly every day. It isn’t painful, but it does bring on pangs…of hunger.  This ailment is food envy, and I feel it most often on weekdays as I browse through other people’s photos on Twitter and Instagram.  Photos of tantalizing doughnuts, exotic sandwiches, and food truck delicacies […]

Lupo Verde: The New Italian Kid on the Block

lupo verde pizza.JPG

Is there a tipping point when it comes to having too much of a good thing? Will DC diners tire of new Italian restaurants considering that we’ve recently gained Ghibellina, Etto, Osteria Morini, Alba Osteria, Fiola Mare, and now Lupo Verde?  Will 14th Street, bursting-at-the-seams with new restaurants, eventually start to see some attrition?  We […]

Red Apron Butcher: Kicking Off a Red Letter Day

Red Apron buenos dias

My sister is visiting from Cleveland to attend a shower for my son’s future wife.  (Did I really just type that sentence?  It is starting to get real.)  She is accompanying me on a shopping trip to Georgetown, on a day when our list is filled with far too many to do’s.  I have one […]

Alba Osteria: DC’s Italian Accent Thickens

Alba Osteria Polenta Bianca

Dining at Alba Osteria on Valentine’s Day goes against my better judgement.  I  cancelled a reservation here during Restaurant Week, fearing crowds and a new kitchen wouldn’t serve up the best representation of the food.  So, why am I making my first visit at another time notorious for overwhelming a restaurant kitchen?  I’m either a […]

Osteria Morini: Giving Me Something to Cheer For

Osteria Morini Tortino Al Cioccolato

Anyone who knows me is aware of my complete disinterest in sports. I did go to a National’s game back in 2012.  I had every intention of making it to a game last year, but it felt like such a hassle to go to a game, particularly to cheer on a somewhat uninspiring team. Recently, […]

Soom Foods Sisters Turn Fantasy into Reality at Chop’t

Soom poster

We have a fantasy in our family.  We are going to open a kosher restaurant focused primarily on chicken wings.  Really, really good chicken wings.  Oh, and hot and crispy French fries. It’s not totally out of the realm of possibility, but the likelihood is that this will never happen.  Truth is…I can’t imagine working […]

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