Convivial: Happy to Meet You!

con·viv·i·al kənˈvivēəl/ adjective (of an atmosphere or event) friendly, lively, and enjoyable Every restaurant should have a goal to be convivial. When it’s your actual restaurant name, you really need to live up to the moniker.  The new Convivial from chef/owner Cedrick Maupillier is on point…and then some. If you’ve been to Mintwood Place in Adam’s […]

Tadich Grill: A New Institution in DC

Restaurants come and go – sometimes so quickly it makes your head spin.  Then there’s Tadich Grill– the third oldest continuously operating restaurant in the country.  The restaurant was founded 167 years ago in San Francisco and is still going strong.  The second location has just opened in the center of Washington, DC, and it’s […]

New York: Semilla Takes Vegetables to the Top in Brooklyn

Chefs throughout the country are taking vegetables to new levels in extraordinary ways. My own recent vegetable-centric journeys include visits to the inventive Vedge in Philadelphia and the impressive Dirt Candy in New York. Semilla, in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, transports vegetables to such unparalleled heights that I am left breathless from the altitude. The year-old […]

Portland, Oregon: Keeping it Wired

Portland, Oregon is a quirky place. If you don’t know what I mean, watch a few episodes of “Portlandia.” The hipster population is soaring, there are homeless people everywhere, and fun fact: it supposedly has the highest per capita of strip clubs in the country. of some oddities, I depart the city with a deep infatuation […]

Garrison: Turning Heads on Barracks Row

We park our car on 8th Street SE a few doors down from Rose’s Luxury, and stroll down the street to dinner. My heart pounds wildly. My senses are primed for a great dinner. But we stroll past the crowded restaurant and head to another Barracks Row spot that’s getting positive reviews… The Garrison.  It’s crowded here […]

Philadelphia: Eating our Vedge-tables

My co-workers seem skeptical when I suggest that our one dinner out in Philadelphia should be at a vegan restaurant.  But Vedge is not really a vegan restaurant, even though there’s no meat or dairy on the menu. It’s on par with many of the stellar options in the city, and has earned national respect.  Still is […]

Peter Chang: Can the Rockville Restaurant Live Up to its Moniker?

I am an admirer of Chef Peter Chang’s food.  I first wrote about him in July 2011, after visiting his Charlottesville restaurant, where I’ve now dined on a number of occasions. Much has been written about the Chinese chef, including an article in The New York Times by food critic Pete Wells: “Where Peter Chang Cooks, They will Follow.” […]

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