Yona: Unquestionably Delightful

On the car ride to Yona in Virginia’s Ballston neighborhood, I’m negotiating with myself. My husband is in the car, but at the moment he’s not part of the conversation.  I’m thinking about what I’ll order. How meat-centric can I be when it’s just the two of us, and he doesn’t eat meat or shellfish? […]

Maketto: A Super Supper

Year-end lists are inevitable. Best movies, TV shows, books, podcasts, and of course restaurants. The restaurant lists stress me out, as they inevitably emphasize where I failed to dine this year.  One of the restaurants sitting high on my “to do” list has been the Taiwanese/Cambodian Maketto.  Maketto is owned by Chef Erik Bruner-Yang, who is […]

Miami: Artful Experiences

Art Basel Miami is a scintillating international art show featuring contemporary art. Multiple venues in Miami and Miami Beach are transformed into makeshift art galleries, with eye-popping art and a fascinating collection of patrons. My husband and I attend this year, joined by cousins from Michigan. My mission- to pair eight hour days spent perusing modern […]

Convivial: Happy to Meet You!

con·viv·i·al kənˈvivēəl/ adjective (of an atmosphere or event) friendly, lively, and enjoyable Every restaurant should have a goal to be convivial. When it’s your actual restaurant name, you really need to live up to the moniker.  The new Convivial from chef/owner Cedrick Maupillier is on point…and then some. If you’ve been to Mintwood Place in Adam’s […]

Tadich Grill: A New Institution in DC

Restaurants come and go – sometimes so quickly it makes your head spin.  Then there’s Tadich Grill– the third oldest continuously operating restaurant in the country.  The restaurant was founded 167 years ago in San Francisco and is still going strong.  The second location has just opened in the center of Washington, DC, and it’s […]

New York: Semilla Takes Vegetables to the Top in Brooklyn

Chefs throughout the country are taking vegetables to new levels in extraordinary ways. My own recent vegetable-centric journeys include visits to the inventive Vedge in Philadelphia and the impressive Dirt Candy in New York. Semilla, in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, transports vegetables to such unparalleled heights that I am left breathless from the altitude. The year-old […]

Portland, Oregon: Keeping it Wired

Portland, Oregon is a quirky place. If you don’t know what I mean, watch a few episodes of “Portlandia.” The hipster population is soaring, there are homeless people everywhere, and fun fact: it supposedly has the highest per capita of strip clubs in the country. of some oddities, I depart the city with a deep infatuation […]

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