Chef Adam Greenberg: Jewish Food Takes a Vacation

by Lori Gardner for Jewish Food Experience

Chef Adam Greenberg likes Jewish food despite the fact that he and his family have always joked about how ugly it is. “It’s monochromatic…all brown on brown,” he muses. Greenberg, who was most recently the executive chef at Barcelona Wine Bar and is a four-time champion of Chopped on the Food Network, has a point.

Brisket, latkes, bagels, kugel, matzah—they’re all various shades of brown. But all you have to do is converse with Greenberg, or even to watch him on Chopped, and you’ll recognize a deep affinity for his heritage. His latest appearance was on the recent “Grand Holiday“ special, where he had to conceive dishes that incorporated Chanukah gelt, brisket and kugel.

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