The Lafayette: A Brunch Prescription

I don’t think I’m alone in being particularly stressed out lately. Most people I know live their lives at an incredibly hectic pace, with little down time. Our ability to access news and information 24-7 adds to the anxiety. My go-to stress-reliever typically involves a restaurant meal.  There is nothing quite as relaxing as brunch in a luxurious dining room, where the food is beautifully presented and plentiful, and the need for decision-making is minimal.  My prescription of the moment: champagne brunch at The Lafayette.

The Lafayette is the sophisticated restaurant in the Hay Adams Hotel on 16th Street.  Think white tablecloths, dark wood, and a piano accompaniment to elevate the experience.

During brunch, the focal point of the room are tables laden with colorful fresh salads and appetizers, as well as an array of meats, cheeses, breads, and seafood.  Highlights include tuna nicoise, avocado toast, and a lively salad spruced up with grapefruit wedges, asparagus, green apples, and a tangy dressing.


Brunch at The Lafayette is not completely decision-free.  A solicitous server will inquire whether you prefer a glass of champagne, a mimosa, or a Bloody Mary. I’m not typically a fan of day-drinking, but I’m here to unwind, so…..

The appetizers and desserts are served buffet style, and there is a menu with main course options. Current dishes include duck leg confit, fried chicken and biscuits, crab cake Benedict, shrimp and grits, and brioche French toast.

A mushroom omelette is adorned with a generous topping of lobster.

Pappardelle pasta with chanterelle mushrooms, roasted cauliflower, poached egg, and black truffle exudes elegance and good taste.

A dessert table features key lime and fruit tarts, macarons, mini-strawberry shortcakes, and delectable chocolates. Pro-tip:  Don’t wait until the very end of brunch service to fill your plate with sweets.  I missed out on some of the offerings by focusing my attention on salads and entrees, and therefore my photo of the dessert table is not post-worthy.

Brunch at The Lafayette is $90 per person, exclusive of tax and gratuity.  It’s an excellent option for those times when decompressing from day-to-day challenges can best be addressed in a restaurant with impeccable service and a profusion of satisfying food.

The Lafayette in the Hay Adams, 800 16th Street NW, WashingtonDC 20006


*Been There, Eaten That was a guest of The Lafayette for this brunch.

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