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Woodberry Kitchen: when once (or twice) is not enough

As a frequent restaurant goer who tries to keep up with the DC area dining scene, I have a dilemma.  Is it more important to constantly sample new places, or is there value in returning to the tried and true?   There are so many unexplored restaurants on my to do list that it actually makes […]

Woodberry Kitchen: Ramping up the flavor

Birthday celebrations usually result in my spending hours trying to decide where to dine.  There’s no better excuse for ramping up to a high-end dining experience.  This year the location for my husband’s birthday dinner planned itself.  I am heading back from a quick trip to Cleveland on a flight that gets into BWI just […]

Ananda: A New Favorite

Tom Sietsema’s Fall Dining Guide 2014, published last weekend in The Washington Post Magazine, includes the critic’s ten favorite DC area restaurants.  It gets me thinking about my own top ten list. My top few are easy to identify, but after that it’s a challenge. It’s hard to compare mind-blowing/budget-busting meals at Minibar and Komi with […]

Nashville: A Noteworthy Scene

I love “Nashville.”  I wonder how long it will take for Luke to turn evil, so Rayna and Deacon can reunite.  I enjoy the Avery character, partly because I watched Jonathan Jackson grow up on “General Hospital.”  And, although I’m not the biggest country music fan, I appreciate the musical performances.  Oh wait…did you think […]

Capital Food Fight- Everybody Wins

As 75 restaurants and four chef’s battled against hunger in this week’s Capital Food Fight, the DC Central Kitchen came out the winner.  More than 1,500 attendees supported the fundraising event.  DC Central Kitchen is America’s leader in reducing hunger with recycled food, training unemployed adults for culinary careers, serving healthy school meals, and rebuilding […]

Food Fight!

I’m excited about the Capital Food Fight.  For one thing it’s a chance to rub elbows with the likes of Carla Hall, Duff Goldman, and Tom Colicchio (oh wait… been there, done that*).  It’s also a chance to enjoy food from DC’s hottest restaurants. But more importantly it’s a fundraiser for DC Central Kitchen.  DC […]

Red Hen and Blue Duck Tavern: A Night of Foul News

The George Zimmerman verdict and the death of “Glee” actor Cory Monteith were two headlines that left many people reeling last weekend.  I had just exited The Red Hen when we heard the outcome of the Zimmerman trial, and heading off to brunch on Sunday at Blue Duck Tavern when I learned about Cory Monteith.  […]

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