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ProChile and Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington (RAMW) held the 5th annual Chilean Chef Challenge last night at the National Restaurant Association headquarters to present the new Commercial Attaché of the Economic Department for the Embassy of Chile, Matias Pinto. I was one of the guests who had the opportunity to eat, drink and enjoy the culinary flavors of Chile provided by eight chefs and four mixologists who each crafted dishes and cocktails with Chilean agricultural products.

Event Judges were:

Ariel Bashi – CNN, Tom Enright – FoodPro, Tim Fogarty – Data Business Systems, Meghan Markey – Capital Community News, Amy Philpott – Watson Green, LCC, Tierney Plumb –Eater DC, Sulema Salazar – Telemundo

The judges selected a favorite savory dish and a favorite cocktail, and the ‘People’s Choice’ was announced for the same two categories. The winners were:

Executive Chef Jonathan Dearden
 of Radiator created a BluGlacier Aji Amarillo Spiced Salmon made with a quinoa-olive oil salad, avocado puree, and topped with pieces of salmon skin chicharron.

Executive Chef Jonathan Dearden of Radiator

Mixologist Peter Grimm
 at Equinox created a masterpiece cocktail named Pisco Pomada, made with Waqar Pisco, ginger, turmeric, and lime.

Mixologist Peter Grimm at Equinox

Ype Von Hengst
 from Silver served a merqueen-spiced Range Meats Patagonian ribeye with Chilean pebre cilantro sauce, oregano and thyme seasoned roasted corn, and white beans finished with ulmo honey drizzle, pomegranate and pine nuts.

Team at Silver

Jo-Jo Valenzuela
 of The Barkeep Consulting gave guests something to truly enjoy with the Gobernador Otoño, using El Gobernador Pisco, pomegranate, Autumn-spiced citrus cordial, ginger beer, and bitters.

Other chefs who participated included Executive Chef Kamal Chanaka of Smith Commons, Executive Chef Brandon Ingenito of City Winery, Executive Chef Kaz Okochi of KAZ Sushi Bistro, Executive Chef Danny LLedo of Slate Wine Bar, Executive Chef Ron Goodman of Ivy City Smokehouse, Executive Chef Pablo Catalan of Cuba Libre, and Pastry Chef Michelle Zeng of Brothers & Sisters. Mixologists who crafted pisco cocktails were Edwin Lainez of Maketto, and Glendon Hartley of Service Bar DC.

Event Emcee Tommy McFly

The culinary competition was sponsored by ProChile, Foods from Chile, RAMW, National Restaurant Association, Wines of Chile, Belair Produce, Watermark Foods, Fresh Origins, RANGE Grass-Fed Beef, Seafood Chile, Patagonia Mussels, St. Andrews Mussels, Orizon Foods, BluGlacier Salmon, Verlasso Salmon, O-Live! Extra Virgin Olive Oil, KAPPA Pisco, Waqar Pisco, El Pisco Gobernador, Pisco Lapostolle, Pisco Capel, Casa Donoso Winery, Ventisquero Winery and Valdivieso Wines.



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