Volt: Re-Volt

I spent nearly two hours in heaven the other day.  That’s the only way I can describe brunch at Volt.  We  were seated within a bird’s eye view of the kitchen, where I could watch Bryan Voltaggio at work.  Heaven.

I assume that most people who follow the DC area restaurant scene have either been to Volt or want to go to Volt.  At this point, given all the coverage, I only have one piece of advice.  Go for brunch.  At $25 per person for a three-course meal, it is well worth it.  Even if you order something with an up charge (which I did), it’s still a great value.

Bryan is a chef who embraces molecular gastronomy.  He is also a chef who now has his own bobble head.  Watching one of the kitchen staff put the liquid nitrogen tank to use was pure entertainment, which most of us are only accustomed to seeing on Top Chef.  The foam on top of my goat cheese ravioli reminded me that this was a dining adventure. Although the salt foam that topped my son’s coconut dessert did seem a tad out of place.

To appreciate Volt, you must appreciate the fact that the 1/4 teaspoon of puree on your plate is so packed with flavor that you simply don’t need any more. I was satisfied with the three inch piece of goat cheese cheesecake perched on top of white crumbles the texture of dippin’ dots which turn out to be caramel. But not everyone will feel this way.  My husband admitted that he left a little bit hungry and was ready to partake of the parting gift of a savory blueberry cake.

Volt’s Table 21 has become legendary, so I couldn’t leave without making a reservation for the next available date.  Don’t ask me to do anything on October 23, 2011.  I already have plans.

Volt, 228 N. Market St., Frederick, MD

My rating (on a 1-5 scale): 5

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