To My Blog Challenged Friends

Last night I launched my blog.  I pressed send on an email to my friends, posted the launch on Facebook, and anxiously awaited for some sort of validation.  Within an hour I had a couple of Facebook comments.  By morning, I had nearly a dozen emails.  More messages of congratulations and appreciation flowed in throughout the day.  I checked the blog periodically, wondering when my first blog comment would appear online.  Nothing.  But when I received two messages from people reading me their comments because they couldn’t figure out how to post them, I realized the real issue.  My friends are blog-challenged.
I am going to forge ahead with my blog in the hope that people will figure out they can subscribe, bookmark the site and check it periodically, or see that I’ve updated it with my postings on Facebook.  I will continue on… even though a primary characteristic of my Myers-Briggs personality type is that I need feedback and positive reinforcement.
On the bright side my blog followers have quadrupled from 0 to 4.  Now those are results I can feel good about.

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