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In my last post I used a metaphor of falling in love to describe my experience at Ardeo + Bardeo.  It didn’t happen.  I am happy to report that less than a week later I did fall in love or at least infatuation….with Addie’s.  Geographically desirable (Rockville), attractive, amiable…and the food is delicious.  You just never know when and where the arrow will strike.

I haven’t been to Addie’s since Chef Nate Waugama took over the kitchen.  Washingtonian named him as a rising star last year.  He has definitely done good things for the food at Addie’s.

My visit is with a party of ten before we head to the symphony at Strathmore.  At first glance, I am not sure what to order.  Quite honestly there is nothing on the menu that speaks to me. I really like the accompaniments to the pork chop- goat cheese pumpkin grits, brussel sprouts, turnips and brown ale in a mustard sauce. Somehow pork chops cross a line for me in terms of being non-Kosher.  This from a person who eats bacon, sausage, and most shellfish without hesitation. Go figure.

The server comes to our table and describes the specials, which includes pig head. This crosses the line for everyone in our group. We can’t help but snicker at the description. No pig head for our group.

My husband and I share a roasted beet salad to start.  I somehow never tire of beet salad.  This is a good one, even though my husband gets to eat all the hazelnuts, which I dislike.  It’s a beautiful dish!

Despite my trepidation, I decide to go forth with the pork chop. You already know the punchline from my opening description.  I love it. For me this dish is more about the accessories than it is the actual meat.  The combination of the sweet pumpkin grits and the savory mustard sauce is lovely.

Three of my friends order black Angus strip steak with Yukon potato gallete, charred onion creamed greens, and smoked mushrooms.  All three are delivered their meat cold in the middle and rarer than they like.  The steaks are sent back.  They are returned a bit later and everyone is more than satisfied.

My husband and a friend order the rockfish with garlic, rosemary, and lemon.  Their description is that this dish is “as good as it gets.”  Perfectly cooked and seasoned.  The photo of this dish is somehow missing, but here’s one of the pan roasted Atlantic salmon with mussels, another winner.

Other than a momentary dissatisfaction with the steak, ten people are thoroughly happy with the food.
One of the servers asks us about dessert and we decide we have to try something, although we don’t want to be too stuffed before the symphony and increase the risk of snoozing. We order a caramel creme brulee.  Just one for the ten of us. The server returns to the table with two desserts, saying that one is to make up for our having to send the steaks back.  I think he simply can’t bear the thought of ten of us sharing one dessert. Whatever the reason, it’s a nice move, and endears us to Addie’s even more.

I know that I’m fickle when it comes to dining.  I can tell you that I fall in love again the night after my visit to Addie’s when I travel to Germantown to Sabai Sabai Simply Thai, and absolutely, hopelessly in love a few days later when I make a trip downtown to Rasika (reviews to come soon). But still there is something to be said for the geographically desirable.  Particularly when it can be so satisfying in its own right.  I am sorry it’s been so long since my last visit to Addie’s.  I vow to visit again…very soon.

P.S. Dessert or no dessert, there was still snoozing at the symphony- even to the tune of the William Tell Overture.

Addie’s 11120 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD
My rating (on a 1-5 scale):   4.3
Zagat rating:  23
Washingtonian review

Washingtonian, 100 Best Restaurants 2011

Addie's on Urbanspoon


  1. Addie's was Jeff and Barbara Black's first place. Try also Black's (in Bethesda), Black Salt, and Black Market. Also, he has a new concept opening on 14th Street, DC, this year.

  2. Was Todd snoring in time to the music?

  3. foodobsessed says

    I do like Black Market very much. Haven't been to Black's or Black Salt in many years. Black's is a good Bethesda option that I need to remember! I always struggle with Bethesda.

  4. Try Persimmon, which is terrific, but I always forget about as being perhaps the best restaurant in Bethesda

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