Taking a Bite Out of Breast Cancer

Take a Bite out of Breast Cancer

Who doesn’t know someone affected by breast cancer?  My sister was diagnosed at the age of 43 and has been cancer-free for more than six years.  Off the top of my head I can think of ten friends who have been successfully treated for breast cancer, not to mention the friends who have struggled through with their friends and relatives.  So when I was asked as a food blogger to take part in an event called “Take a Bite Out of Breast Cancer” of course I jumped at the opportunity.  During the month of October, participating restaurants throughout the DC area will donate a portion of their proceeds to Pink Jams.

Pink Jams! is a Washington, DC area non-profit promoting early detection and breast cancer awareness to young men and women. By combining an important early detection and awareness message with fashion, art, social events, and live music, the organization reaches out to men and women under the age of 40.

As part of “Take a Bite Out of Breast Cancer” local food bloggers are assigned as ambassadors to area restaurants.  The goal is to help fill the restaurant with patrons, as a portion of the proceeds will support the cause.

I am pleased to announce that I will serve as ambassador to Chef Tony’s in Bethesda on Wednesday, October 12.  Join me anytime between 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm.  You can make a reservation on Open Table. I would love to pack Chef Tony’s with friends and supporters who want to help “Take A Bite Out of Breast Cancer.”

Along the same lines, last Saturday I participated in an event which supported the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation’s 3-day Walk for the Cure and the team B-more Boobs.”  They hail from Baltimore. How cute is that name?

The event was a food tour with Charm City Food Tours in the Fells Point area of Baltimore.  My take on food tours is that they are a wonderful group activity, although the food (outside of NYC) isn’t always in the category of “the best thing I ever ate.”  That said, when you combine a food tour, spending a Saturday afternoon with good friends, and raising funds for breast cancer, you have a trifecta of fun.  Here are highlights from our three hour tour.

Stop 1:  Ze Mean Bean Cafe– an Eastern European Coffeehouse and Cafe

 We sampled three kinds of pierogis - sauerkraut, farmer cheese, and potato, as well as potato pancakes. My favorite was the slightly sweet farmer cheese pierogi.
photo courtesy of Steve Solomon
photo courtesy of Steve Solomon
The next stop is One Eyed Mike's where we have Caprese salad and blackened ahi tuna bitesin pepperjack cheese sauce. One Eyed Mike's is known for their unique Grand Marnier Club.There's a lovely courtyard that's perfect for enjoying libations and food.
photo courtesy of Steve Solomon
Stop three is The Point which is described on their website as "a casual yet upscale restaurant with beveled ceilings, mahogany flooring and accented walls and an amazing view of the harbor that will take your breath away." We enjoy a crabcake and sesame noodle salad. Thank goodness- a Baltimore food tour would not be complete without a crabcake. 
Our fourth stop is at Adela. Adela "celebrates the art of Spanish cuisine with an eclectic array of savory tapas drawing on cultural and culinary influences from across the country."
I was intrigued by the food and would definitely come back in the future for a full meal.
Adela meatballs
Adela Alcochofa Salteado (artichokes and sundried tomatoes)
Adela patatas bravas
Unfortunately we had to leave before the sweet stop, but during the tour they were passing out 
salted caramels from a company called Mouth Party and they were terrific!
Best of luck to the "B-More Boobs" team, who are finishing their three-day walk today. 

Dining out and raising funds for breast cancer awareness at the same time. I'm there! I hope you will be too. Please join me at Chef Tony's on October 12.

Chef Tony's, 4926 St. Elmo Avenue, Bethesda 


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