Bethany Beach’s 14 Global is Out of this World

This will not come as a surprise to anyone who reads my blog. For me, going to the beach is about the food. When I visit the Delaware beaches, mandatory stops include Fisher’s Popcorn, Surf’s Up, Thrasher’s or DB Fries, and any of a number of places for a daily dose of ice cream   This year we discovered HaHa’s Frozen Yogurt in Fenwick Island, which warrants two trips for the sea salt caramel pretzel yogurt.

I am not a regular beach-goer.  If I get there once a year for a few days, I consider myself lucky.  As a result, I am somewhat out of character when it comes to more formal dining.  Perhaps the sun affects my need for control.  I don’t do tons of research and I let friends who spend lots of time here lead the way with recommendations.  This is how I come upon 14 Global in Bethany Beach.  It is the perfect venue for dinner out during a three day beach respite with two girlfriends.

I only have to spend thirty seconds looking at the drink menu before something leaps out at me.  “Pineapple Pico” is a cross between a cocktail and a bowl of fruit.  Tequila, orange liquor, house infused pineapple vodka  provide the boozy kick, while agave nectar, pineapple, strawberries, and lime give the drink its festive flair.  Getting ready to go to the beach sucks up alot of energy.  After twenty minutes on the beach, followed by some light rain, I’m ready to relax with a drinkOnce the liquid in my Pineapple Pico is gone, I use my fork to scoop out some of the alcohol-infused fruit.

14 Global Pineapple Pico.

14 Global Pineapple Pico.

14 Global has an eclectic menu of small plates dishes representing cuisine from around the world.  There is nothing that doesn’t appeal to me, except maybe the pizza. There’s nothing essentially wrong with eating pizza during a beach vacation, but there are too many items on this menu with greater appeal.  Here’s to the beach mentality that allows us to order our food relatively guilt free (which means more than one dish with bacon).

The first dish we order is relatively healthy.  African clementine and kale salad features pomegranate seeds, roasted pistachios, and queso fresco cheese.  The salad is dressed with a light preserved lemon and cinnamon vinaigrette. Cinnamon vinaigrette is every bit as good as it sounds, and anything that features kale is good by me .

14 Global African clementine and kale salad

14 Global African clementine and kale salad

The decadence starts NOW.  First up is caramelized brussels sprouts with house cured bacon, shallots, and garlic.  The crowning glory here is a light coating of maple syrup. Each bit is a revelation of smoky, sweet, and crunchy goodness.  This dish is like heaven, or what I imagine heaven to be if it means I can eat whatever and whenever I want.


14 Global caramelized brussels sprouts

14 Global caramelized brussels sprouts

Pan seared day boat scallops is a fine example of sweet and heat, with its coconut and curry glaze.  The sea bean, cucumber, and creamy avocado salad adds flair.  I need more sea beans in my life.

14 Global pan seared day boat scallops

14 Global pan seared day boat scallops

Grilled wild salmon fuego poblano is served over root vegetable puree.  It’s topped with grilled shrimp, fire-roasted poblano pepper, and papaya pico de gallo. What I love about 14 Global is the consistent layering of flavors and textures in each and every dish.  Many of our choices are both sweet and spicy, and each and every dish is well balanced and powerful at the same time.


14 Global grilled salmon fuego poblana

14 Global grilled salmon fuego poblano

Last, but in no way least, is bacon and cheddar corn pone bread, drizzled with maple syrup.  This may sound redundant with some of our other dishes, but beach eating soars to new heights with this intensely delicious bread.   The exterior is fried and crispy, the interior soft and buttery.  Is there anything that goes better with bacon than maple syrup?  I think not.

14 Global bacon & cheddar corn pone bread

14 Global bacon & cheddar corn pone bread

Most beach restaurants are more about the food than the decor.  14 Global has some international flair that adds to its appeal.  I have no hesitation in saying that the food at 14 Global is out of this world.

Photos of 14 Global, Bethany Beach
This photo of 14 Global is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Vacations are the best excuse for over-indulgent eating, and beach eating is in a category all to itself.  Besides, doesn’t lying in the sun burn off all of those extra calories?  Of course, it does.

14 Global, 14 N. Pennsylvania Avenue, Bethany Beach, DE

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  1. This sounds like a good place. We go to Rehoboth once a year, and I’ve written about some of my favorite places there, but we’ve never been to Bethany. The bacon corn pone bread sounds really good, as well as the sprouts and the salmon.

    • I can’t say enough good things about that corn pone bread. one of my favorite dishes in a very long time!

      • Thank you so much for that compliment on my grandmothers cornpone recipe i just added the bacon and cheese. Hope you visit the restaurant again soon

  2. Thanks, Shane. I’ve already had a number of people tell me they plan to come by. I will definitely be back!

  3. We ate at 14Global last night, and had one of the best dinners we have had … anywhere, anytime. The chef is creative, the plating is beautiful, and the flavor combinations just keep you wanting more. We will be back, for sure!

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