Cleveland’s B Spot: Filling Me With Glee

My niece lives a life of “Glee.” That is to say she lives in Ohio and spends weekends in January and February at show choir competitions, where she and her boyfriend are featured performers. And just like Rachel and Finn, they are also the leads in their high school’s upcoming production of  “Thoroughly Modern Millie.”

My niece does not actually watch “Glee” because she is far too busy.  I, on the other hand, am an avid viewer.  So when  my sister invites me to attend a real show choir competition in Medina, Ohio, I jump at the chance. I imagine Medina to be very similar to Lima, Ohio where the television show is set.  I imagine a lot of things based on “Glee,” many of which turn out to be false.  Here is what I learned about high school show choir:

  1. Many of the girls wear their hair with odd “bump-its” on top of their heads.  (This is a gadget you put in your hair to add volume). I think it makes the girls look like sister-wives… or like Snookie.  Which come to think of it, is not the same look at all.
  2. There is no such thing as sectionals.  Show choirs select their competitions, and they don’t lead anywhere other than providing bragging rights. This disappoints me.  I want to know who moves on to regionals.
  3. Show choirs perform one show all season long, and their show is performed twice during the same competition.  This means that by the end of the season the parents have seen their child’s show an ungodly number of times.  And, they are acutely aware when a performer misses a note, a step, a cue, or has a wardrobe malfunction.  They also have committed to memory the performances of the other trophy contenders, since many of them are in the same competitions week after week.  It is surprisingly easy for me to join in on the snarky critique after seeing the various performances a mere two times.

For a moment, I forgot that this is a restaurant review blog.  I am getting to that now.

Obviously my sister doesn’t have to bribe me to come to a show choir competition, but she does entice me with the promise of a visit to B Spot Burgers, Michael Symon’s burger chain in Cleveland. I adore B Spot.

What makes this burger place so special?  Michael Symon is known for meat.  His latest cookbook is called “Carnivore.”  So eating a burger at B Spot has to include meaty add-ons.

Decisions are tough here.  Do I have an Atomic burger with ghost chili, pickled jalapenos, pepperjack, and habanero sauce or the New Jack City burger with chorizo sausage, avocado, salsa verde, roasted red peppers, and pepperjack?

I decide to forgo both of these tantalizing burgers and instead opt for the Kojack burger with feta and tzatziki sauce, and a generous layer of gyro meat on top.  The meat is full of flavor, the bun holds up well (very important), and the toppings add interest but don’t overwhelm the star of the show.  Michael Symon’s Greek heritage-inspired burger hits the spot.

B Spot Kojack burger

B Spot Kojack burger

The Lola fries with rosemary and sea salt are the perfect addition.  A chocolate banana marshmallow shake would have been the cherry on top of this worth-the-flight-to-Cleveland meal, but I refrain.  Next time.  I’ll be back in April for the high school musical.  And I know just the spot for an absolutely show-stopping burger.

*What kind of a stage-aunt would I be if I didn’t provide a link to the Solon High School’s” Music in Motion” Grand Champion winning performance?

So here it is. If you like “Glee” or show choirs or musicals or anything musical-related, check it out.    (And in case you are curious, my niece is at 10:43 and her bf is at 8:30.)


B Spot Burgers, 28699 Chagrin Boulevard, Cleveland, OH


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