Jackie Greenbaum: Rocking it in the Restaurant World

by Lori Gardner for Jewish Food Experience


DC restaurateur Jackie Greenbaum (Little Coco’s, El Chucho, Quarry House, Slash Run and Bar Charley) confesses that she’s a former punk rocker, whose life took an unconventional path after she attended a concert by The Ramones.

In the height of her rebellious days in the early 1980s, she lived in a rooftop apartment above the 9:30 Club. The stairwell was adorned with spray paint and a black lightbulb, and her apartment door had to be secured with a padlock. Her mother cried at the sight of it, and her mother “wasn’t a crier,” says Greenbaum. It’s not difficult to picture Greenbaum looking tough, with teased-up hair and punk attire. She still has an edgy quality that serves her well as a no-nonsense, prolific entrepreneur.

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