Kosher Dining Almost Foils a Foodie

This week an essay I wrote was published by Tablet Magazine  “It’s Difficult to Be A Foodie When You Can Eat Only at Kosher Restaurants” is about my family and our dining journey.  The story begins here.  Follow the entire story on Tablet.

My family loved eating out together. But when my daughter became Orthodox, almost all our options got crossed off the menu.

Five years ago my daughter telephoned from college to inform me that she had made a decision about dining out: Now that she had become Orthodox, she was only going to eat in kosher restaurants.

Tears streamed down my face. I know there are many things that are far worse for a mother to hear. But for a restaurant-obsessed food blogger whose identity is strongly tied to dining out, this was very upsetting. Dining out was a shared passion in our family. I devoted hours of my free time to researching restaurants, as every meal out was an opportunity to be seized. I discovered online communities where restaurants were as hotly debated as politics. I kept a bulging file of reviews from the Washington Post and Washingtonian Magazine and made lengthy lists of restaurants I wanted to visit. My husband, daughter, and son had been the grateful beneficiaries of my efforts.

Until now.

…continued here.

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