Al Ha’Esh: Fired Up About New Israeli Grill in Rockville

Gideon Sasson, co-owner of Moti’s Market and Carmel Caterers, was perusing Michael Solomonov’s cookbook Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking when an idea began to take shape. Reading the section on salatim (salads), he recalled with fondness the shipudiya grill restaurants he enjoys on frequent visits to Israel with his wife Debbie.

Al Ha’Esh owners Gideon Sasson and Tracy Yitzhaky

“There’s nothing like it here. Why not bring this experience to DC?” he thought. And this is how Michael Solomonov came to fan the flames for a new kosher Israeli restaurant in Rockville: Al Ha’Esh.

Read the rest of the story on the Jewish Food Experience website.  


Recommended dishes include shishlik pargiiyot (dark meat chicken kabobs), hummus with mushrooms, and turkey schwarma. Salatim is included.

Al Ha’Esh, 4860 Boiling Brook Parkway, Rockville, MD Closed Friday evening and Saturday. Kosher

Tip: No reservations.  Expect heavy crowds on Thursday and Sunday evenings.



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