Nycci Nellis: She’s Got Her Pulse on the DC Food Scene

She’s Got Her Pulse on the DC Food Scene

It may be a Jewish stereotype to eat bagels and lox on Sunday mornings, but it’s something that I do weekly. What’s not stereotypical, but an essential part of my Sunday morning routine, is listening to Nycci Nellis on her radio show Foodie and the Beast. “The Beast” is her husband David, who is entertaining in his own right, but it’s Nycci  (pronounced Nicky) who is the prominent “foodie.”

The fact that she’s Jewish plays a significant role in who Nellis is, and how she came to be a DC restaurant pundit. Nellis grew up in northern New Jersey, in a family with a strong Jewish identity. Her maternal grandparents were Orthodox, and her early food memories are in her grandmother’s kitchen helping bake strudel.

Read the rest of my story about Nycci on the Jewish Food Experience website


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