Trapezaria: A Meal that Sizzles

I am not sure why the Fourth of July, a holiday about independence, also came to be about backyard barbecues. Many Americans spend the day consuming mass quantities of hot dogs, baked beans, barbecue chicken, and strawberry shortcake.  Since the theme is freedom, this year we decide to take the meaning in another direction and go […]

Nantucket’s Reef: Here’s the Skinny

I suffer from an ailment that plagues me nearly every day. It isn’t painful, but it does bring on pangs…of hunger.  This ailment is food envy, and I feel it most often on weekdays as I browse through other people’s photos on Twitter and Instagram.  Photos of tantalizing doughnuts, exotic sandwiches, and food truck delicacies […]

Mosaic Cuisine & Cafe: No Waffling on Decisions

Mosaic Cuisine & Café, nestled on the busy side street next to Congressional Plaza, is somewhat of a sleeper.  It doesn’t immediately come to mind when I need somewhere nearby to dine with girlfriends.  But when it does eventually emerge as an option, I feel like slapping myself on the side of my head. It’s […]

Wildwood Kitchen: Feeling Age Appropriate

I am accustomed to being among the oldest diners in many DC restaurants.  Most of the time I don’t really think about it- except when I am standing in line to get into a place like Toki Underground and my back starts killing me after 10 minutes. But walking into Wildwood Kitchen, the new Robert […]

Quench: Giving It Another Shot (closed)

Quench is Closed Is it my imagination or has the term “craft cocktails” exploded recently?  Creative drinks with foam, exotic juices, and hand-carved ice are cropping up everywhere, and I must say that they’ve captured my attention.  I was never a fan of a simple gin and tonic, and have always been content with a […]

Stella! Dinner and a movie in Rockville (closed)

Stella!  Marlon Brandon screams his wife’s name in desperation in this famous scene from the movie “Streetcar Named Desire.”  I felt like screaming too after a recent dinner at Stella Restaurant in Rockville.  It really wasn’t that bad, but when you take a beautiful restaurant and serve it up with less than stellar food, it […]

Sugo Cichetti: The Dish

My BFF declares she doesn’t want to go out to dinner with me anymore if small plates are involved.  At first this feels like a stab to the heart.  But I get it. Before I allow anyone to touch the food, I must snap pictures.  This requires my fellow diners to exercise patience and willpower, […]

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